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CBD 28%

Are you looking for the most renowned CBD hash? Stop right there, you've just discovered it! EASYWEED presents The Charas CBD hash a natural and unique quality hash, with a CBD content of 28%. Immerse yourself in a mystical experience with Indian charas CBD derived from the Himalayas. Explore the essence of CBD hemp by discovering this rare artisan hash on Hemphash.co.uk.

  • icon CBD level28%
£3.99 / g
7g (2x 3.5g)
£3.56 / g
£3.21 / g
28g (2x 14g)
£2.85 / g
CBD level 28%
THC level <0.2% Δ9 -THC%
Cannabinoids CBDa | CBD |
Quantity 3.5g to 28g (2x 14g)

Store in cool dry cupboard, away from direct sunlight.


EasyWeed’s The Charas 28% CBD Hash: An Aromatically Potent Hemp Hash

Charas CBD Hash: A Legendary Hemp Hash!

Introducing EasyWeed's Charas CBD hash: a captivating hash with a rich history. Originally from the Himalayan foothills, Indian charas has deep roots in cannabis culture. It was not just a product; it was a spiritual journey for cannabis enthusiasts and hash lovers. Today, we proudly present this legendary hash in its CBD version! Unlike Moroccan hash, which is made by crushing harvested cannabis plants, charas is crafted from live plants. This unique method ensures the exceptional quality of this precious hemp hashish.

Traditional Artisanal Craftsmanship

EasyWeed's Charas CBD with 28% CBD content stands out as one of the finest CBD hash products from the Easy Weed range Charas, also known as Indian hashish, is exclusively handcrafted in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. What makes Charas CBD hash truly unique is its production process. It's the only hash variety obtained from fresh cannabis sativa L or otherwise known as industrial hemp plants by gently rubbing the lower part of the buds.

The CBD flowers used by Easy Weed are cultivated under ideal climate conditions using traditional methods. These methods enhance the plant's woody aromas, cherished by legal cannabis experts. This ancient method is exclusively reserved for Charas hash production. The CBD product obtained is then gently heated to the temperature of that which is closest to the natural botanical material, and meticulously hand-worked in a super hygienic laboratory to achieve exceptional quality. At EasyWeed, Charas is extracted from carefully selected and certified organically cultivated hemp flowers. It's an incredibly pure product, as no solvents are used in its production.

Features of this CBD Hash:

  • Full spectrum cannabinoids

  • HempHash UK exclusive

  • No component part of the product contains >1mg THC

  • Not designed for the administration of a controlled drug

  • 3rd party Lab tested

  • Non-GMO

  • Non Pesticide

  • EU compliant & UK exempt processed industrial hemp

  • Sold for souvenir/novelty/educational purposes only

  • Not intended to heat or consume

Who is Easy Weed?

Easy Weed is a French brand and excellent budget range of CBD hash which has been produced using organic methods.

Is CBD Hash strong?

The concentration of CBD in the CBD hash doesn’t necessarily determine the strength of the hash, as commonly perceived. While CBD concentration in hash can affect its strength and often ranges from 10% to 40%, strength is commonly associated with the combination of CBD with other non-controlled & naturally occurring component parts of the hemp plant such as terpenes and flavonoids. This is why full-spectrum CBD products are favoured over CBD isolate products. 

Is CBD Hash legal in the UK?

Our products are certified to contain <0.2% Δ9-THC & they are also certified to contain no more than the legal limit of THC content under existing UK laws and regulations.

It's important to remain conscious that while in Europe or the EU, CBD hash is widely available for smoking and vaping purposes and in general it is produced with that very purpose in mind, in the UK all CBD hash must be retailed as not intended to heat or consume and is strictly sold for novelty, souvenir or educational purposes only, to lawfully meet the criteria of an exempted product. By shopping with us, you agree not to smoke, vape or consume your CBD hash. At the same time, it is generally accepted that CBD products with less than 0.2% Δ9-THC are safe, non-psychoactive and lawful in the UK.

Is Hash and Charas the same thing?

Charas CBD hash is a type of hash that originated in India. It is manufactured by manually rubbing the organic plant matter from the hemp plant's bio-production. After that, the hemp plant matter is gathered and pressed into a block. Charas CBD hash has a pungent, earthy scent and is often black or dark brown in colour.

Charas CBD hash is regarded as a high-quality strain of hash. It is frequently described as having a more delicious and fragrant quality than other forms of hash. Because of the high content of CBD, Charas CBD hash is said to be stronger than other varieties of CBD hash.

What does CBD Hash do for you?

All CBD hash is sold as not intended to heat or consume but in theory, Charas CBD hash doesn't produce any high. CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical, which means it does not have the mind-altering effects that THC does. THC is the component in cannabis that causes the "high" sensation.

The Charas CBD is derived from organic hemp plant matter developed to have a high CBD content and an extremely low THC content, well within legal parameters. This signifies that the product will have very little, if any, traces of THC. As a result, Charas CBD hash has no mind-altering effects.

How to Store EasyWeed Charas CBD Hash?

Proper storage is crucial to preserve your CBD hash's quality:

  • Keep your CBD hash in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out.

  • Store your CBD hash in a dry place, shielded from light.

  • Avoid storing it in humid areas or exposing it to light and temperature fluctuations.

  • The optimal storage temperature is between 15 and 20°C.

  • Portions of 10g are packaged in airtight cellophane to maintain freshness.

Enjoy premium CBD hashish crafted by passionate hemp growers with EasyWeed, your trusted CBD specialist.

EasyWeed CBD Hash ingredients:

Compressed CBD trichomes from industrial hemp, CBD distillate

Batch Number: LG-14G

Certificate of Analysis