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Introducing HempHash's high quality, eco-friendly and ergonomic hemp rolling papers. The extra large exquisite hemp rolling papers from HempHash are excellent in quality, and ideal for creatives and connoisseurs who require a product of the highest standard.

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HempHash's Rolling papers

Thinner papers allow for a slower, more even burn, enhancing the flavour profile by reducing paper smoke inhalation. HempHash's high quality hemp rolling papers are notably thin, enhancing your tobacco smoking experience.


 These hemp rolling papers are ultra-thin, making them ideal to roll. They are supplied with an abundance of roach material, useful for every occasion. Plus, they are 100% produced from hemp and contain no harmful additives or chemicals, making them a safer choice than traditional bleached papers. HempHash's long rolling papers are also incredibly convenient to use. They boast a generous size of 11.7 cm, allowing users to create larger and more intricate rolls.

Here are some steps to follow for mixing and rolling with HempHash rolling papers:

  1. Prepare your mixture: Mix your herbs, blends or tobacco to create a more enjoyable experience.
  2. Prepare your paper: Choose a rolling paper of your desired size and lay it flat on a clean, flat surface. 
  3. Add the mixture: Spread your blend evenly across the paper, leaving enough space to roll your creation.
  4. Roll your tobacco: Roll the paper with your mixture, ensuring it's evenly distributed. Seal the roll by moistening the adhesive strip. 
  5. Compact your creation: Use a filter or pointed object to ensure everything is well-packed.
  6. Enjoy your creation: Your blend is ready to enjoy!

What types of products can be used with HempHash rolling papers? Tobacco blends: These rolling papers are perfect for rolling various herbs, tobacco and blends, providing an enjoyable and convenient experience.