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Rolling Papers | Easy Weed

The long rolling papers from the Easy Weed brand are designed for an exceptional CBD experience. They are crafted from high-quality materials to enhance your CBD enjoyment.



These rolling papers are ultra-thin, making them easy to roll, and they burn slowly and evenly. Plus, they contain no harmful additives, making them a safer choice than traditional papers. Easy Weed's long rolling papers are also incredibly convenient to use. They boast a generous size of 11.7 cm, allowing users to create larger and more intricate rolls. Additionally, their stylish and elegant packaging is designed by a professional designer.

Here are some steps to follow for mixing and rolling with Easy Weed rolling papers:

Prepare your mixture: Mix your herbs or other blends to create a more enjoyable experience.

Prepare your paper: Choose a rolling paper of your desired size and lay it flat on a clean, flat surface.

Add the mixture: Spread your blend evenly across the paper, leaving enough space to roll your creation.

Roll your blend: Roll the paper with your mixture, ensuring it's evenly distributed. Seal the roll by moistening the adhesive strip.

Compact your creation: Use a filter or pointed object to ensure everything is well-packed.

Enjoy your creation: Your blend is ready to enjoy!

What types of products can be used with Easy Weed rolling papers? Herbs and Blends: These rolling papers are perfect for rolling various herbs and blends, providing an enjoyable and convenient experience.