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Hemphash is excited to bring to you our new limited offer mystery CBD flower tea of the month: Premium CBD Flower Hemp Tea at an unbeatable price!

Once a month only, we will release a limited quantity of premium glasshouse cultivated hemp tea which will be available to purchase for only £27.95 for 28g ! Making this limited edition glasshouse hemp tea retail for less than £1.00 per gram!!!

The amount available of this exclusive offer is limited! You won't find a better offer than this anywhere in the UK! Hurry while stocks last!

  • Less than £1 per gram
  • Limited time and stock
  • Only £27.95 for 28g
  • icon Green house Green house
  • icon buds Buds
  • icon CBD level15%
£27.95 £74.95you save £47.00
CBD level 15%
THC level <0.2% Δ9 -THC%
Plant Hybrid
Cannabinoids CBD | CBDa | CBC |
Aroma Floral | Haze | Fruit |

Store in cool dry cupboard, away from direct sunlight.


Incredibly Affordable CBD: The Limited & Mystery Monthly CBD Flower Hemp Tea Offer

The Hemp Tea of the Month at Nearly £0.99 per gram - What's the Secret?

Price: £0.99 per gram, sold in 28-gram packs (£27.95)

With our CBD Flower Hemp Tea of the Month, you can take advantage of the opportunity to explore something fresh each month. This product has been meticulously selected to exhibit outstanding quality for price, a distinct fragrance profile, and its potential therapeutic benefits.

The Hemp Tea of the Month has the following features:

  • Careful Selection: To guarantee a remarkable experience, we carefully choose and negotiate a variety of CBD Flower Tea, paying particular attention to scent, look, and cannabinoid profile.
  • Limited Quantity: As part of this exclusive deal, we are selling a small number of our reduced CBD hemp tea flowers. With this method, our clients can sample new strains every month and discover the many subtleties of the CBD industry.
  • Monthly Refresh: We introduce new CBD Flower Hemp Tea varieties for investigation each month, when we update our selection. This ensures a consistently renewed experience by giving you the opportunity to sample a variety of flavours, cannabinoid profiles, and wellness effects. 
  • Extremely Limited Time Offer: Every month, we release our mystery CBD Hemp Tea Flower for a short time only. Please remain mindful that some months the strains received may be the same as the previous!

Limited Stock! Move Quickly

Take advantage of this outstanding monthly offer before it runs out! We recommend you take quick action to avoid missing out. You can determine the stock that is available by referring to the scale and percentage that are shown beneath each product.

It is crucial to remember that this offer is limited. Each packet is made even more precious by our monthly CBD Hemp Tea Flowers, which are offered in limited quantities. When they're gone, they're never coming back.

Don't think twice! This exclusive offer will expire when the stock runs out. It would be unfortunate to lose out on such a compelling offer! Please note that we don't accept returns of the mystery hemp tea of the month.

Affordable CBD: Unbeatable Quality at an Unbelievable Price!

We understand how crucial it is to have inexpensive access to CBD's potential therapeutic perks. In order to give you the best opportunity to get premium CBD Hemp Tea Flower at an incredibly low price, we have launched this special offer.

We're not done with being dedicated. We are able to provide these CBD flowers at the best prices possible to our highly valued UK clients by negotiating advantageous terms with our suppliers. Our goal is to offer an unrivalled CBD Hemp Tea Flower of this calibre at the lowest cost.

Seize the opportunity to buy our CBD flower hemp tea at a exceptionally discounted price! Get your 28-gram pack at HempHash.co.uk today, for just £27.95! As this offer is only valid for a month and there is limited supply, act fast!

This CBD Hemp Tea Flower of the Month is a fantastic deal for nearly £0.99 per gram, guaranteeing a high-end experience.

Enjoying our monthly CBD Hemp Tea Flower is ideal right now. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and treat yourself to a different sensory adventure every month.

Act now, - stock is running out quickly!

CBD Hemp Flower Tea ingredients:

whole plant hemp tea (cannabis sativa L) <0.2% THC

🔥 Price per gram:
£0.99 per gram of CBD flower hemp tea
🌿 Flower range:
Beautiful quality Greenhouse CBD buds
🍑 Flavour and fragrance: 
Every month new tastes, new aromas
📈 CBD concentration: 
Around 14-16% CBD depending on the month.