CBD Hemp Grinder | Hemphash

This magnetic HempHash grinder is the perfect tool for grinding your CBD flower hemp tea into small fragments. It will make using your CBD flowers easier, and give you a smoother hemp tea infusion experience.

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HempHash's Simple and Effective Grinder

To use this grinder, simply place CBD flowers in the top compartment and spin the grinding mechanism until finely ground. Some individuals use grinders to combine different CBD strains for a variety of flavours and cannabinoids. The HempHash grinder is an easy-to-use and simple way to efficiently grind CBD flowers for tea.

Here are the steps to use it:

Remove the grinder's lid.

Pour the CBD flowers into the top part of the grinding bowl.

Replace the grinder's lid.

Turn the grinder's lid multiple times clockwise and counter clockwise to grind the CBD flowers.

Remove the grinder's lid to access the reservoir containing the ground CBD flowers.

Pour the ground CBD flowers into the mixing bowl or any other container of your choice.

Make sure to clean your grinder thoroughly after each use to maintain its durability and the quality of your ground CBD flowers.