New Research Checks the Effects of CBD on A Creative Flow

New Research Checks the Effects of CBD on A Creative Flow

Sep 25, 2023 Stephane Esseiva

When you think of the association between marijuana and creativity, it's easier to name quite a few famous people who've attributed it with creative glory. That is enough to get anyone interested.

While there is science behind this phenomenon, you feel the subject's grayness. In a sense, you can have a room full of scientists routing for and against CBD’s creativity connection in equal measures, with each backed by hardcore data.

The reason behind this is that creativity is subjective. How do you measure a person's sporadic creative behavior? Of course, other factors need to be considered, as well.

However, if we solely rely on anecdotal evidence, there’s no doubt that CBD affects creative flow.

What does Science Say About CBD for Creative Flow?

What is CBD? First and foremost, CBD is not marijuana. In fact, CBD is simply a compound found in the cannabis plant or hemp flower; usually, the latter produces the best.

Additionally, CBD occurs alongside a hundred phytocompounds, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) –notorious for the euphoric high weed smokers experience. CBD is milder, lacks any psychoactive effects, and it has more benefits than just a creativity booster.

In 1963, DR Raphael Mechoulum was able to extract and isolate the CBD molecule. It has been discovered two decades earlier.

Collections of studies have been done ever since. However, one of the initial studies on CBD flower for creativity was in 1992 by Jasen Talise, with findings published in Berkley medical journal. Divergent thinking (creativity in scientific terms) occurs in the frontal brain cortex.

He found that there was an increase in frontal lobe brain activity after marijuana consumption. The activity was measured through CBF (cerebral blood flow).

Is CBD Good For Creativity?

A separate study conducted in 2010 by Morgan Rothwell linked hyper-priming to cannabidiol consumption. Generally, hyper–priming is the ability to connect what appears to be unrelated subjects.

Famous films have had their fair share of comical references to such moments. One good example of hyper-priming is having a simple conversation about food, which subsequently helps discover an idea on a project you are working on.

CBD users have attributed the use of some of the best hemp cigarettes for anxiety reduction. Psychologists have discovered that a feeling of self-doubt and high anxiety are familiar with creative minds.

To reduce anxiety, artists are known to take CBD strains for creativity - indirectly creating a conducive environment for creative juice flow.

Does CBD Help Creativity?

Of course, it does, and CBD evangelists have repeatedly supported this notion. Nevertheless, the dosage is essential as far as taking CBD flower for creativity is concerned. Besides, the cannabidiol and THC content levels in the intake matter a lot.

If you decide to take marijuana in its purest and raw form, you may achieve the opposite. Why? We all know that excess consumption of weed leaves people feeling dull and aloof. And this is not conducive to creativity.

Cannabidiol is a lightweight version that will give you a boost without drifting into a whimsical world of “high” living.

Still, a different study discovered that more imaginative people's creativity level remained intact, even after cannabis consumption. On the other hand, less creative people showed remarkable improvement.

Technically speaking, this study introduces a new line of thinking. Does cannabis make people highly creative, or are highly creative people likely to consume cannabis?

How to Take CBD?

There are a few common ways you can consume CBD:

The best cannabidiol quality should either contain low THC or none at all. We’ve seen that THC will produce a counter effect.

Final Thoughts on CBD For Creative Flow

In one way or the other, cannabidiol improves creativity. While there are no conclusive studies on the subjective matter, there is enough evidence that shows it works. Once it reduces your anxiety and boosts your openness to experiences, it helps you become more creative in your work.

Remember, creativity is not confined to the creative arts. If you look closely, you'll see it from home to work at the office in our everyday life. So anyone can enjoy the benefits of CBD for creative flow.

What are some of your CBD experiences? Does it affect your creativity? Share your comments below.

Author’s Bio: Rae H., a paramedic, is in her mid-twenties and occasionally suffers from migraines, usually triggered by stress. She has been using CBD, and it has helped dramatically and has since been advocating for its use.



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