How long can CBD oil be stored?

How long can CBD oil be stored?

Jul 24, 2023 Stephane Esseiva

CBD oil can be stored in a cold, dark place for about a year. Before you use it, make sure to check the expiration date on the packaging. Because of its numerous health benefits, the cannabis plant has shown itself in medicine in recent years. It contains a variety of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, or CBD, which is one of the primary components of cannabis. This chemical is widely used for its health advantages and is now available in a variety of forms, including CBD oil.

When you start looking into this oil, one of the main questions you might ask yourself is about its shelf life. In reality, like any other oil, CBD oil could decompose over time. This is the motive behind the creation of this article which will you about the shelf life of this oil with natural virtues.

What are the elements that influence the conservation time of CBD oil ?

The definition of the exact shelf life of CBD oil is far from an easy task. The shelf life of CBD oil depends on several factors ranging from the quality of the oil, through its ingredients to the way it is stored. Knowing these factors will not only allow you to know the shelf life of CBD oil but it'll also allow you to choose your CBD products. 

The quality of CBD oil 

It’s no secret anymore! A good quality product tends to last for a long time. The same goes for CBD oil. Thus, production conditions, the quality of cannabis plants and the quality of other ingredients used will have an impact on the shelf life of the oil.


It's very important that you take into account the ingredients contained in CBD oil when determining its shelf life. Indeed, each ingredient, like the added flavours, have their own shelf life. This could thus affect the durability of the product. This is one of the reasons why, when it comes to CBD oil, it is often recommended to read the product label carefully. 

The method of extracting oil 

One of the best ways to extract CBD oil is the carbon dioxide extraction technique. This technique allows for the maximisation of CBD levels and also ensures the maintenance of the stability of other compounds.


Amber bottles aren't only designed for aesthetics. It's been proven that CBD oil lasts longer in airtight glass packaging with a dark colour. It should also be noted that the best packaging is one that helps protect the oil from exposure to air and sunlight. 

Storage conditions 

Scientific studies have shown that light and heat accelerate the degradation processes of CBD. So it's important to focus on its storage conditions. In reality, ideal conditions can contribute to preserving the effectiveness and freshness of CBD oil in a considerable way. 

Can CBD expire? 

Hemp oil has a limited shelf life just like any other good natural product. So, for CBD products to last over time, it's important that it retains the terpenes present in cannabidiol. CBD oil stored under good conditions can be consumed 6 to 12 months or even 24 months after opening.

To maximise the shelf life of CBD oil, it's recommended that you make sure to close your bottle tightly and store it in a temperate place. Also, to be sure to consume your product without risk, you should check the expiration date on the packaging.

Moreover, you should remember that, whatever happens, opening the product starts the degradation of the active ingredients. So it would be wise for you consume it as soon as possible in order to get all the benefits from the product. It's also important to remember that the longer you wait to take your CBD oil, the more you will have to use large quantities to achieve the same effects. 

What are the indicators of expired CBD oil? 

If your CBD oil expires, some indicator signs will catch your attention. You may notice a change in the colour of the oil. It'll also become darker, change consistency or even material. These early signs indicate that you should start by stopping consumption of the product. Other indicators can also alert you to the end of the life of your product:

  • Smell: fresh CBD oil is supposed to have an earthy smell and is very pleasant. Otherwise, you should check the expiration date on the label
  • Colour: if you notice that your product is getting darker, there is a good chance that the cannabinoids are breaking down. 
  • Thickness: if your oil becomes thicker than usual, it is certainly because its composition has changed. However, it may happen that your oil is cloudy if it has been stored in the fridge or in a cold room. In this case, a few minutes at room temperature would be enough to eliminate any cloudiness and restore the oil’s viscosity and natural colour. 
  • Taste: if you find that your CBD oil has a bland or rancid taste, either it's lost its properties or it has expired. Realistically, CBD oil is supposed to have a nutty, earthy or grassy taste, unless it is flavoured. Also, the taste should be pleasant even if you don’t like these flavours.

 In any case, it would be much better to follow the indications on the label of your product while paying attention to the expiration date indicated.

Is it dangerous to consume expired CBD oil?

One of the questions that many people ask themselves when their CBD product expires is whether this expired product would make them sick. Well, the answer is NO. Indeed, your oil will not harm your health simply because the cannabinoids begin to degrade and lose their potency over time. 

This would mean that if you use CBD oil whose shelf life has expired, you won't hurt yourself, but you won't benefit from all the therapeutic effects either. However, it should be noted that when CBD oil expires, its free radicals increase. So, for that reason, its best to avoid consuming expired CBD oil

What to do with expired CDB oil?

When your oil has expired, this doesn't mean that it is automatically unusable and should go in the bin. On the contrary, it still has oily properties and can still be used as a beauty product.

Using CBD oil to rehydrate and revitalize

You may not know it, but you can actually use CBD oil to hydrate your hair. In fact, you can use expired CBD oil as a natural conditioner by massaging a little bit of it onto your scalp.

Also, with antioxidants and lots of vitamins, old CBD oil can help rebuild Keratin. It can also help prevent excessive sebum growth on your scalp. Some consumers have even used it as a treatment for dandruff. In reality, CBD oil hydrates the upper layer that can flake off at times.

Another way you can use expired CBD oil for your hair care is to pour a little on the tips of your fingers and apply it to the last few centimetres of your hair. That helps you fight split ends and limit breakage

Exfoliate with expired CBD oil

By adding a few ingredients to your expired CBD oil, you can make your own moisturising coffee scrub to smooth your skin and exfoliate your pores. This could also be used for makeup removal. To do this, instead of drying out your skin with alcohol-based makeup removers, you can soak cotton in your expired CBD oil and run it over your face for moisturising makeup removal.

How to properly store your CBD oil? 

When it comes to storing your CBD oil, it is important to take into account certain factors such as air, light, temperature and humidity. This does not mean that the storage of cannabis oil is complex. It just needs to be optimised in order to preserve the quality of the product and keep it for a long time. 


Whether in the air or in light, several elements like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen can react with CBD and make it to lose its medicinal value. Of these, oxygen affects the CBD molecule the most. For this reason, it is advisable to use an airtight container to optimise the shelf life of CBD oil, as this type of container does not let air pass through. 


Light is one of the parameters that could affect the preservation of CBD oil. Because it produces infrared and ultraviolet rays that affect CBD stem cells because cannabidiol is photosensitive. So, your CBD product will become less potent. That's why it's recommended that you store your CBD oils in the shade, in a refrigerator or in a cupboard. That'll also allow you to extend the shelf life of your oil a little. 


If you want your CBD oil to have a long shelf life, keep it in a cool environment. Cannabinoids do not tolerate high temperatures and lose their active ingredients in case of high heat. So, it ideally you would store your CBD oil at a temperature above 21°C.

It's still preferable to put it in the freezer if you plan to use your oil for a long time or if you have bought a really large quantity. However, only the necessary dose for each consumption should be thawed. There is no point in thawing everything each time. This could ultimately alter the quality of the product. 


It's no secret that water contains various elements that create mould that can alter your products and make them unusable. So it's important to make sure that the container that'll contain the CBD oil is free of water and steam before pouring it. For this reason, it'd be wiser to use glass bottles rather than plastic models. The latter optimises the shelf life of CBD oil without altering its quality. They also prevent any chemical reaction that could lead to the formation of air bubbles and water droplets. 

What other ways are there to store CBD oil? 

In addition to bottling cannabis oil, there are also other techniques for keeping CBD oil for a long shelf life. These techniques require some transformations and/or special work. 

CBD creams 

You may not know it, but CBD oil can be transformed into cream or ointment if it is not used raw. This is also one of the best ways to extend its shelf life. Most CBD creams are available in packaging that optimizes their medium- or long-term storage.

CBD capsules 

Obviously, there is CBD oil in soft CBD capsules. In contrast to CBD oil, capsules offer a layer of protection against certain elements such as air. That said, to increase the shelf life of the capsules, you need to put them in a secure container that is airtight and protected from light and ambient temperature. 

CBD supplements 

Hemp oils can also be incorporated into liquid supplements. These should then be placed in a cool place, protected from light and UV rays. It would be more appropriate to put them in a refrigerator.

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