Exploring the Most Consumed CBD Products in the UK and How to Choose the Right One

Exploring the Most Consumed CBD Products in the UK and How to Choose the Right One

Jan 20, 2024 Stephane Esseiva

The popularity of CBD products has grown exponentially across the globe, thanks to their potential therapeutic effects on various medical conditions. The UK is no exception, with a multitude of CBD products available for consumption. In this article, we will delve into the most consumed CBD products in the UK and discuss factors to consider when choosing the one that best suits your needs.

An Overview of Common CBD Products in the UK

With an ever-growing market, consumers have access to different types of CBD products, catering to individual preferences and needs. Below is a list of the most commonly consumed CBD products in the UK:

  1. CBD flower
  2. CBD hash
  3. CBD oil
  4. CBD capsules

Each of these popular options comes with its distinct features, making it essential to understand each type before deciding which one to use.

CBD Flower

CBD flower refers to the dried bud derived from hemp plants containing high levels of CBD. With a wide range of strains available, CBD flowers offer unique terpenes and natural flavours. Although they look and smell like traditional cannabis, the THC content is less than 0.2%, ensuring compliance with UK regulations. Traditionally speaking, these flowers can be used in several ways, including smoking, vaping or drinking as tea. 

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CBD Hash

CBD hash is a highly concentrated form of CBD derived from organic hemp plant matter and CBD distillate. Usually containing a higher CBD content than flowers, CBD hash can  deliver stronger effects. Offering a versatile experience, it can be used in various ways like smoking, vaping, cooking, or as an ingredient in homemade creams.


CBD oil is created by blending CBD extract with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. With varying strengths and flavours available, consumers can choose what suits their needs best. Used sublingually (placing drops under the tongue) or added to food and drinks, CBD oil absorbs rapidly, resulting in quick onset of effects.

Advantages: Quick absorption rate for prompt relief. Easy to adjust dosage due to the supplied droppers, allowing users to find their desired level of effect.

Considerations: Some may dislike the taste of natural CBD oils, although flavoured options are accessible. Prices for CBD oil can vary significantly based on potency, production methods, and brand reputation.

CBD Capsules

Encapsulating CBD extract in a small gel capsule, these discreet and easy-to-consume products offer a pre-measured dosage option. As an ingestible product, it follows the digestive pathway with a slower absorption rate but potentially longer-lasting effects.

Advantages: Discreet and convenient consumption. Pre-measured dosages eliminate the need for guesswork and allow users to experiment with consistent doses.

Considerations: Slower onset of effects due to the digestion process and varying levels of bioavailability. Capsules offer less flexibility in terms of adjusting dosage compared to oils or tinctures.

Finding Your Perfect CBD Product: Factors to Consider

While each type of CBD product comes with its pros and cons, understanding your personal preferences and desired outcomes can help you make an informed choice. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a suitable CBD product:


Different product types have varying rates of bioavailability – how quickly and efficiently your body absorbs CBD. The consumption method plays a vital role in determining this factor. For example, vaping and smoking generally provide higher bioavailability, while ingestion through capsules offers lower levels of absorption.

Onset Time and Duration of Effects

If immediate relief is your priority, look for products that offer quick-onset effects, such as CBD oil or flower. For those seeking prolonged relief throughout the day, slow-release options like capsules or edibles may prove ideal.

Discretion and Convenience

Depending on your lifestyle and where you wish to consume CBD, choose a product that matches your comfort level and conforms to societal norms around you. While some people may be comfortable using CBD flowers publicly, others might prefer a more discreet option like capsules.

Dosage Control

Selecting a product that allows easy adjustment of dosage levels is essential, especially for beginners. Oils and tinctures provide flexibility in finding the appropriate dose, whereas capsules offer pre-measured dosages.

Personal Taste and Preference

If you enjoy the natural taste and aroma of hemp plants, CBD flowers and hash may be preferred. However, flavoured oils and capsules are available for those who do not appreciate the earthy flavour profile.

With the information provided above, you can now assess your preferences and needs to select a suitable CBD product to experience its potential benefits. Always consult with a medical professional before incorporating CBD into your wellness routine, as it might interact with certain medications or cause side-effects for some individuals.

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