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"Stormy Daniels" CBD Hemp Flower UK | Organic USA Greenhouse | 11% CBD


Fresh Batch: 03/06/2020

"Stormy Daniels", produced by Ecogen Labs, is a genetic cross of "T1" & "Cherry Blossom".  This strain is a hybrid Sativa (60%) / Indica (40%) cross with an average grow height of 8-10ft.  According to the suppliers this strain had a slightly open growth pattern with inter-nodes spread nicely and the flower to leaf ratio was above average.  The aroma is sweet and floral with deep diesel undertones and notes of pepper.  

Please note: may contain occasional seed

  • 100% natural
  • USDA certified organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • HempHash exclusive
  • US cultivated
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids
  • 11.01% CBD
  • 0.03% THC (not available through readily applicable means)*
  • <1 mg THC (9) per packaged product*
  • 3rd party Lab tested
  • Greenhouse cultivated
  • Non GMO
  • Non Pesticide
  • UK legal industrial hemp
  • Sold for novelty/education/souvenir purposes only
  • Not intended to heat or consume
  • 1g - 28g available

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