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HempHash is pleased to introduce the "Quant Matte Black Portable Vapourizer"

Currently, this vape is the rage in the US! Not only is it very affordable for a portable vapourizer, but it also heats in 30 seconds, produces huge clouds and can be used for flower or concentrates.  Very easy to use, simply adjust the temperature to optimise the desired cannabinoids or terpenes depending on your requirements and enjoy the harmless cloud and flavours.

From the Quant website: 

Using your Quant vaporizer is intuitive & easy. Featuring a three button setup (1) Power on/off (2) Temperature up (3) Temperature down. The Organic LED display tells you the battery status, current temperature, your desired temperature and a 4 minute session countdown timer.

Quick Start Guide

1. Loosely pack herb chamber with flower
2. Switch ON with 5 rapid clicks of power button
3. Set your desired temperature (Range 320F - 430F)
4. Rapidly heats in less than 30 seconds
5. Then you're good to go!

Equipped with a built in high power 1,600 mAh battery for huge vapor production and enhanced flower efficiency. From a fully packed 0.2g bowl, expect full bodied flavor, open draw airflow and colossal rips from start to finish. You’ll be surprised!.

Expect to get 10-12 large rips per 4 minute timed session. Convection heating extracts all the special stuff, leaving the denser elements in the bowl. A cleaner and more refined way to consume flower!

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