"Grapefruit Diesel" CBD Wax Crumble 1g | Exceptional Standard | 70% CBD

"Grapefruit Diesel" high CBD wax crumble is an exceptional standard broad spectrum hemp cbd wax extract. Carefully produced by leading analytical cannabis scientists to create market leading HempHash perfection. The decision was made to opt for 70% CBD content as this was discovered to have the best consistency. Produced using organic broad spectrum hemp extract and organic cannabis infused terpenes, carefully designed to match the terpene profile of "Grapefruit Diesel", this exceptional high CBD wax product is ideal for dabbing or vaping. To maintain outstanding quality we recommend to store in a cool, dark place or fridge.

  • 70.071% CBD
  • 00.258% CBDv
  • 00.076% THC
  • 01.123% CBG
  • 00.222% CBC

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