"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash
"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash
"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash
"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash

"White Diesel Shake" CBD Hemp Flower UK

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"White Diesel Shake" CBD Hemp Flower UK is derived from a high CBD strain which is bred specifically to yield no THC*.  "White Diesel Shake" contains lots of high CBD trichomes & has a compelling terpene profile! The fragrance is fresh & sweet, reminiscent of a flower garden on a summer's morning accompanied by a pungent diesel aroma with a delightful crisp flavour and notes of chocolate. Nurtured and cured to perfection, the "White Diesel" CBD Hemp Flower is without a doubt, a connoisseur strain!

"White Diesel Shake" is a high quality trim & a combination of left over "White Diesel" Hemp flower fragments with some very small buds which are too small to retail full price. Nevertheless, "White Diesel Shake" is  derived from exceptional quality, 3rd party lab tested, indoor grown CBD Hemp flower - full of trichomes, pleasant aroma and delicious flavour.  Well worth a buy if you're on a budget

  • Diesel, Flower & Earthy flavours
  • 13-14% CBD
  • No THC <0.15%
  • 3rd party Lab tested
  • Indoor grown using organic methods
  • Non GMO
  • Non Pesticide
  • EU compliant & UK Legal processed Hemp Flower
  • Souvenir only, not recommended to heat or consume
  • Seedless
  • 1g - 7g available

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