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Rochanna Herbal Hemp Tea is a whole plant hemp tea that has been produced by HempHash using only the finest quality, hand picked hemp.  Rochanna Herbal Hemp Tea is not a medicinal product as cannabinoids are lipids which are not water soluble, however Rochanna Herbal Hemp Tea may have therapeutic properties when enjoyed as a hot water, infused tea solution.  The FSA states that whole plant hemp tea is an article 4 exemption & is therefore not classed as a novel food as there is clear evidence to support the fact that whole plant hemp tea has been used for thousands of years as a food product across the world. 

Rochanna Herbal Hemp Tea tests at 18.5% CBD on average & contains no additives; it is 100% natural. Included in the Rochanna herbal whole plant hemp tea tin is a 1g boveda to ensure that the humidity of the whole plant herbal hemp tea is regulated and that the terpenes are preserved. The quality of the hemp used is of the highest standard and the aroma is excellent. 

Rochanna Herbal Hemp Tea 10g options current information:    

  • Legendary OG Hemp Tea - Greenhouse cultivated, US genetics, consisting of dense large, medium and small hemp flowers with good trichome coverage & very occasional purple hues. Indica leaning with pungent terpene profile. May contain occasional seed.
  • Special Sauce Hemp Tea - Greenhouse cultivated, US genetics, consisting mainly of medium to medium small flowers.  Sativa dominant. Creamy, earthy & musty terpene profile with sweet berry notes and subtle sour undertones . May contain occasional seed.
  • Peach Goliath Hemp Tea - Greenhouse cultivated, US genetics, consisting of mainly medium to large CBD flowers. Peach terpene profile. Sativa dominant with occasional purple hues.  May contain occasional seed.
  • V1 Hemp Tea - indoor cultivated, premium standard with light to mid green, dense, trichome covered CBD hemp flowers which are small to very small in size (previously described as "end of batch")
  • Cannatonic Hemp Tea - indoor cultivated, mid green, terpene rich with pungent fruit aroma, small to very small hemp flowers, indica leaning (previously described as "end of batch")
  • Harlequin Hemp Tea - indoor cultivated, light to mid green in colour with herbal notes of pine, citrus and undertones of pepper. Hemp flowers are small to very small in size (previously described as "end of batch")
  • Mixed Hemp Tea - currently a lovely mixture of Cannatonic & Harlequin Hemp Tea consisting of very small CBD rich hemp flowers. 

    Rochanna Herbal CBD Hemp Tea suggested use:
    Steep one heaped teaspoon (approx 1g) of loose herbal hemp tea in a 200ml mug of hot water for 5-7 minutes or per required taste.  Remove, stir and relax (sugar or stevia may be added).

    Rochanna Herbal CBD Hemp Tea is not intended to prevent, cure or treat any disease or illness.  Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.  Not intended to smoke, vape or eat. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or under medical supervision then please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.  Do not exceed recommended daily dose. 

    Extraction information:
    Cannabinoids are lipids which are not water soluble. Putting hemp in hot or boiling water is not an appropriate extraction method and it is impossible to extract a controlled cannabinoid which may be present in trace levels using this infused solution method. Therefore our Rochanna herbal CBD hemp tea which is <0.2% Δ9 -THC is quite clearly not designed for the administration of a controlled drug & there is absolutely <1mg Δ9 -THC per serving. 

    Rochanna Herbal CBD Hemp Tea ingredients:
    whole plant hemp tea (cannabis sativa L) <0.2% THC

    Rochanna Herbal CBD Hemp Tea is to be stored in a cool dry cupboard, away from excess heat and humidity.

    Batch: 0011

    Expiry: 01/04/2022

    *18.5% CBD is an average

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