"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash
"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash
"Strawberry Kush" CBD Hemp Flower UK - HempHash

"BZ1" CBD Hemp Flower UK | Premium Indoor

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"BZ1" CBD Hemp Flower UK is a premium indoor cultivated carmagnola hemp strain.  "BZ1" has the genetic heritage of "Cannatonic" & "V1" with a pungent fruity, tropical and citrus aroma with sweet and sour fruity flavours to match.  This CBD hemp bud is grown to a high standard with no shortage of CBD trichomes.  The trim job is good & it's cured nicely.  All in all this is a well cropped, pretty flower with a lovely pungent aroma and flavour.

  • 14% CBD
  • No THC <0.2%
  • <1 mg THC per packaged product
  • 3rd party Lab tested
  • Indoor grown using organic methods
  • Non GMO
  • Non Pesticide
  • EU compliant & UK Legal processed hemp flower
  • Sold for educational/souvenir/novelty purposes only
  • Seedless
  • 1g - 28g available

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