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"Cheddar Cheese" CBD Hemp Hash UK is a pungent, delightful full spectrum dark blond to medium coloured hemp hash which contains concentrated levels of high quality cannabinoids & terpenes.  Unlike most hemp hash on the market today, "Cheddar Cheese" is produced from a high quality "cheese" hemp flower pollen and is NOT derived from cheap outdoor, industrial hemp such as "Futura 75" or "Felina 32" and does not contain additives or added terpenes.  This reflects in the flavour and quality of the product.  "Cheddar Cheese Hash" is 100 x micron filtered, so plant matter is at an absolute minimum.  "Cheddar Cheese" does not crumble into dust, yet fluffs into moreish CBD trichomes effortlessly without the use of heat.  Do not be deceived by the lower % of CBD, it is concentrated and potent.

  • 12 - 14% CBD
  • <0.2% THC
  • 3rd party Lab tested
  • Produced from premium Hemp flower (not felina 32 or futura 75)
  • Non GMO
  • Non Pesticide
  • EU compliant & UK Legal processed industrial Hemp 
  • Sold for souvenir/educational/novelty purposes only
  • Not intended to heat or consume
  • 1g -14g available

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