CBD Hemp Flowers UK | New In Strains January 2019 Part 2 | HempHash

CBD Hemp Flowers UK | New In Stock January 2019 Part 2 | HempHash


  1. "Blackberry" CBD Hemp Flower UK

“Blackberry” is a long awaited greenhouse strain which is soil grown using organic methods by a licensed farm in Switzerland, with no traces of pesticides or harmful contaminants.  It has a delightful berry/sweet/earthy aroma with a delicious flavour to match. The CBD levels are as high as 10% with no THC (<0.13%). 

Normally, at HempHash we don’t retail greenhouse grown and certainly not outdoor grown Hemp flower, but this greenhouse strain is exceptionally good so how could we say no?  Now, putting aside the lovely fragrance, flavour and beautiful colours, the only criticism would be that the outside of the buds are quite leafy, this of course is reflected in the price.  However, the buds themselves are dense, well cured and of a high quality.  All in all this CBD Hemp Flower tastes nice, smells beautiful & is a great budget choice!

Smell 8.5/10 | Flavour 8/10 | Quality of Bud 7/10 | Average 7.85/10


  1. “White Diesel” CBD Hemp Flower UK

“White Diesel” CBD Hemp Flower UK is a strain for connoisseurs – indoor grown to possibly the highest standard for CBD Hemp Flower.  It is absolutely dripping in CBD trichomes packing a CBD punch as high as 13% with no THC (<0.15%).  The scent is fresh & sweet just like flowers with a definite pungent diesel aroma.  But best of all is the quality of the flower, it is perfect!

Smell 9.5/10 | Flavour 9.5/10 | Quality of Bud 9.5/10 | Average 9.5/10



The winner:

Although both lovely CBD Hemp Flowers, both worth trying no doubt, the “White Diesel” was always going to snatch 1st place as indoor grown will always have an advantage over greenhouse but at the same time a CBD Hemp Flower of this quality is surely hard to beat by any indoor standards.  Nevertheless the “Blackberry” is still one of the best greenhouse strains that we have seen and is a bargain price starting at £7.50 per gram!


Why not treat yourself to a gram or 2 of each strain with a 10% discount? Just use this link: https://hemphash.co.uk/discount/WHITEBLACK

Thanks for reading – stay tuned for more new & exciting strains coming in soon!

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